The Story of PsychCheck

In 2014, Forensic Psychologist Luke Broomhall coordinated a team of 13 Psychologists to conduct a review into the Psychological suitability of over 500 child protection employees.

PsychCheck then assisted the Department to review and improve the systems of recruitment & selection practices of candidates seeking to work with vulnerable children. Expert assistance was also provided to The Royal Commission into Child Protection Systems, which handed down their report in August 2016. 

Since 2015, Luke Broomhall has continued to assist Organisations in improving systems of recruitment, including review and implementation of psychometric test batteries and the addition of a structured 1:1 Psychological interview as part of the recruitment process. The interview has a forensic and clinical focus, with outcomes directed toward recruiting candidates who are suitable to safeguard vulnerable individuals and candidates who are suitable in their pre-existing mental health. 

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With a background in workplace psychological health management, investigation of psychological stress claims and forensic medico-legal assessment, Luke Broomhall has worked for an international insurance company, in custodial settings and from 2007 to 2016 was co-director a successful psychological consulting company.

PsychCheck started after a comprehensive literature review and review of current best practice in the area of staff recruitment for sensitive roles found that strategies and methodologies around recruitment could be markedly improved.  A background in Forensic, Clinical and workplace Psychology brings a blend of understanding characteristics which present a risk of inappropriate behaviour, an understanding of mental health vulnerabilities which increase risk of Workers Compensation claims and time lost, and the commercial imperative for efficient, cost-effective services.