Executive Candidate Profiling

By PsychCheck

With the cost of a poor hiring practices estimated at roughly 2.5 times salary, the importance of hiring the right person at Executive levels becomes even more important.

Our experience shows that traditional methods of evaluating Executive candidates are redundant: “gut feel” is impacted by attributional bias, resumes can be doctored, referees carefully selected and interview behaviour carefully managed to promote strengths and hide deficiencies.

Corporate Psychopaths

The hallmark features of a Corporate Psychopath are grandiosity and superficial charm. These features allow an individual to present very positively at interview, even for the first few months after hire. Given that the Corporate Psychopath specialises in image management, manipulation, deceit and covering up rather than core skills and expertise, by the time their true nature and behaviours are discovered it is too late.

PsychCheck Executive Candidate Profiling works with Organisations to develop not only an understanding of the role required, but the personality characteristics and attributes of successful employees already in the Organisation. Using a combination of Personality Profiles and 1:1 interview, we find the most suitable Executives for your Organisation.

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