Psychological Suitability Screening

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Psychological suitability is the exploration of the risk factors and mitigating factors of a candidate and their appropriateness to work with vulnerable people.

Psychometric testing reviewed by a Registered Psychologist and 1:1 Psychological interview exploring personal history and background is the best way to effectively determine a candidates’ psychological suitability.

Safeguarding Vulnerable Individuals

Inappropriate behaviours can cause serious ramifications for those in the employees’ care and for other work colleagues. Minimising this risk will ensure the safeguarding of those requiring care, and protective practices that create a stronger, safer work place. 

Psychological preparedness

Ensuring that candidates are prepared for the roles for which they are applying, and ensuring their resilience can protect against workplace injuries – for the individual, the other staff and the organisation. Also, resilient staff are better placed to create positive change in the vulnerable clients for whom they care. 

Using internationally researched and recognised psychometric tests, a pre-interview assessment can be gathered on the candidate applying for the role. These factors are followed up at a one to one interview with a Masters qualified Psychologist, where any life difficulties can be explored, thus ensuring candidates are not eliminated on cultural, life experience or mental health difficulties encountered in the past.

No single test can ever completely eliminate risk - particularly in the field of risk of abusing vulnerable individuals. Forensic psychological experience has assisted in the development of profile factors that best indicate the likelihood of risk in any candidate. The psychological suitability process is a complex interplay of clinical / forensic interview and psychometric testing that deliver for the organisation a clear decision on the candidate's current psychological suitability for working with vulnerable people. 


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