About PsychCheck


Our philosophy, methodology and practice at PsychCheck is simple: Accurate candidate profiling can only be determined by combining psychometric testing with one-to-one Psychological interview.

Psychometric testing alone is less than half of the story. Many recruitment companies will promote the efficacy of a ‘test’ or ‘questionnaire’ in isolation.

But at PsychCheck, we know that it is only with Psychometric test results in the hands of a Masters Qualified Forensic/Clinical Psychologist that information with real meaning can be gathered, leading to the best guidance on hiring decisions in the market.

In line with international best-practice guidelines, PsychCheck has developed a 56-point risk assessment covering a broad range or personality, resilience and skills based factors which inform suitability for role. This is one of the most comprehensive assessment methodologies available to ensure your Organisation gets the right person for the job.

PsychCheck only employs assessing Psychologists who are Masters Qualified with at least 5 years commercial experience. Executive Candidate Profiling is handled exclusively by the Director and Senior Psychologists with 10 years experience.

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